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  • Wilo TOP-S 50/15 pump
SKU: 2080055

Wilo TOP-S 50/15 pump

Glandless circulation pump with flanged or threaded connection. To match the power - there are pre-set steps.

Used in hot water heating systems, industrial recirculation systems, air conditioning units and closed cooling circuits.


There are 2 types of control

  •  Automatic - An integrated electronic shut-off system protects the motor (standard equipment only for 3-phase pumps with P2 ≥ 180 W, optional for all types with Wilo-C protection module).
  • Manual - Adjustable in 3 speed steps.



The pump can be used in systems such as heating, air conditioning/cooling in the temperature range minus 20 °C - plus 130 °C.


  • The cataphoretic coating (KTL) protects the pump casing from corrosion when condensation forms.
  • As standard with thermal insulation.
  • Easy to install, with combination flange PN 6/PN 10 (DN 40 to DN 65).
  • Terminal box equipped with spade cable clamp. It has a double sided cable entry.
  • Flange DN, mm 50
    Working pressure, bar  6/10
    Full construction. to the network, 3х400
  • Catalog  English
    Wilo-TOP-S/-SD/-RL/-I Installation and operating instructions 50 Hz Russian
    Wilo-Protect-Module C Installation and operating instructions 50 Hz  Russian


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